Fragmented Data

Some businesses run on an enterprise platform (eg an ERP like SAP or Oracle apps), where the software (and internally the database / data model) ensure a level of consistency. Delete an entry here, it’s removed over there (eg a product, a user, an address).

More firms, however, have fragmented data, spread between dozens, hundreds or thousands of systems. While business critical flows may have projects define integrations to ensure integrity, many update processes are still manual and ad-hoc.

A typical example is that of JML - joiner/mover/leaver processes. The first and last being the most painful typically (since mover changes are often localised to fewer systems).

Getting a new hire ready and productive can be a real battle, often requiring multiple tickets and a fair amount of toil and frustration — this leads to lost productivity and increased cost.

The opposite is invariably messier and higher risk. Over the years a typical employee will accumulate rights and access to numerous systems — many more than in initial onboarding. When they move on to new horizons, while HR may flag correctly and the desktop login is halted, how many more systems retain active access for the user?

We built CloudSinc to lower the barrier to data quality and consistency across organisations.

Lower your privacy (GDPR etc) & security risk with automated consistency checks and triggers.