Match values

Value checking example

One step up from the basic transaction or existence matching example (ie vlookup style), is to match on both a key value - eg account number - and another field - eg account balance.

While checking on multiple fields can be viewed as the same as a key-based lookup, in practice the impact, causes and remedial steps are typically different for each outcome.

For example, if a invoice is missing, different actions are normally required versus if an invoice is present, however the value of it is wrong.

In the data below we can see that the “charlie” customer does not have a tier value defined.


reference value
567-A 9,500
345-B 100
123-C 3,000
789-D 800


customer tier
alpha premium
bronco standard
delta introductory

If we match this, using customer as the common field, or key:

reference customer tier action coming soon
567-A alpha premium
345-B bronco standard
123-C charlie  
789-D delta introductory

We show here that the tier value is missing for charlie. Note that we can configure per row notifications, acknowledgements and alerts. These can also be rules driven for automated workflows.

Each action can be configured to be local (just tracking the action value) or trigger external systems via emails, APIs or messaging platforms.